To come and ask for us by name to talk about our healings or published articles…

The following testimonies and articles are given and written by members of our local North Richland Hills branch church who have experienced healing through sole reliance on Christian Science. You are invited to visit our Sunday church services or Wednesday testimony meetings to learn more about Christian Science and healing. You’ll also find links to articles or testimonies of healings which our members have published in the Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, or the Herald of Christian Science.

Publications by our members in the Christian Science Periodicals:

“As a lifelong Christian Scientist, I once envied people who…”
by J. Douglas Wood

“A listening ear’
by Lisa Winn

No more allergies
by J. Douglas Wood

Debilitating symptoms reversed
by J. Douglas Wood

Skiing injuries healed through prayer
by James W. Dinsmore

Broken nose healed
By Lynn Rowe Wood